Fire Suppression

Now there is a better way to suppress fire.
The objective is always to save lives and property. But innovative fire protection does more. It combines science and economics. A superior, environmentally friendly fire suppressant. Easier and more cost-effective installations. Advanced methods for protecting more challenging applications.
The Stat-X family of fire suppression systems is based on aerosol technology developed in the space program, applied to fire protection by an American team of engineers and manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 standards in the USA. The Stat-X fire suppressant is a patented potassium-based aerosol that suppresses fire by chemically interfering with the free radicals of flame. It is ecologically safe, ten times as effective as halon replacements with zero ozone depletion and no global warming potential.
The Stat-X application technology requires no pressure vessels, manifolds, nozzles or pipe work, factors which result in significant installation and maintenance savings to our customers.
One more advantage is that cartrigde can be air freighted from supplier within 48 hours.
Zeus System for industrial kitchen hood
FM 200 – HFC 227 (inert gaz system)
Novec fk-5-1-12-fire-suppression-system/Novec – FK-5-1-12
The equipment functions in both professional and domestic kitchens with the use of Electrical Power and/or of Gas-Propane. In these areas, large quantities of flammable materials are used, such as cooking oils and fats, which are especially dangerous to ignite. Based on the relevant legislation, the appropriate extinguishing agent used for such fires has to be of category (F) – Cooking Oils & Fats. The fire extinguishing agent MOBIAK uses, commercially named as F-Class Solution/Wet Chemical, is approved by the Fire Brigade Headquarters (Protocol Number 56404F.701.6, 9/11/2009) for suppression of category (F) and (A) fires – Cooking Oil & Fats and Solid Fuels. This fire extinguishing material (F-Class Solution/Wet Chemical) is a carboxylic acid salt solution which suspends fires by creating a saponified layer (crust) that prevents oxygen from interacting with the burning surface, cools down the area and eliminates the possibilities for re-ignition. The low acidity level (PH: 9 at 20°C) prevents any damage caused to surfaces made of stainless steel.

The Electromechanical Fire Suppression System with the commercial name “ZEUS” uses the F-Class Solution/Wet Chemical extinguishing agent and the most Advanced, Efficient, Reliable & Certified Fire Detection Solution resulting in the Direct & Effective (F) category fire suppression for Professional Kitchens.

Fire is detected by an approved (UL/FM) Linear Heat Detection Cable of activation temperatures 138°C, 180°C or 250°C, the installation of which is particularly quick & simple. This Cable is connected with a Fire Detection Panel that controls the Automatic Operation of the System. More precisely, the Certified Cable offers unique Reliability & Safety since it can detect the potential base of the fire in all the surface of the protected Kitchen and the Exhaust Hood, as well as in the Exhaust Airways.

The great advantage of the detection cable, compared to the detection pneumatic cables, is that it is not under pressure, and as a result the possibilities for alterations due to temperature changes in the Exhaust Hood are minimal. Its life cycle is 10 years and it is almost maintenance free. The Detection Cable support mounting is realized with stainless steel cable ties on to the Hydraulic Extinguishing Agent Distribution Network. Especially simple is the connection of cables of different activation temperatures using porcelain splice connectors. The big competitive advantage of the Fire Detection Panel MOB2001 is based on the fact that it is designed in order to be the simplest of its kind regarding installation procedures and the most reliable regarding performance – extremely simple external wiring connections with simple Electrical System Components.

Fire Suppression System “ZEUS” for Class (F) fires destined to Professional Kitchens is the most Reliable and Convenient Solution for the End User, whereas it offers by far the Safest, Fastest, Simplest & most Efficient Installation Process.


· CE-EN3 Approved Local Application Fire Extinguishers with Certified Valve of Automatic & Manual Activation

· Cylinders with Internal Plastic Coating of 6Lt, 9Lt, 11-16Lt, 17-20L and 21-35Lt Extinguishing Agent Capacity

· Stainless Steel Cylinders of 10Lt and 11-20Lt Extinguishing Agent Capacity

· Heavy duty Extinguisher brackets

· Certified Detonator used for the Automatic Activation of the Extinguisher

· Stainless Steel Flexible Hose for connecting the Extinguisher Valve Output to pipe network

· Linear Heat Detection Cable of Activation Temperatures 138°C, 180°C or 250°C

· Porcelain Splice Connectors for connecting Detection Cables of different Activation Temperatures

· 100Ω Resistor for monitoring the Proper Operation of the Detection Line

· Remote Control Extinguish Button

· ½” Male Thread Stainless Steel Discharge Nozzles of different Flow Rates with inflammable Silicon Caps

· Fire Detection-Suppression Panel with:

· Autonomy Battery

· Siren-Beacon.

· Manual System Activation Button.

· Detonator Time-delay set by factory to 40 seconds (it can be set from 0-80secs)

· Factory connected System Emergency Stop button with 2m cable.

· Factory connected White Cable for Power Supply with Suko Plug (2m length).

· Factory connected White Cable with Plastic Splice Connector of 2 contacts for connecting the Detonator of the System (2m length).

· Factory connected Orange Cable with Plastic Splice Connector of 2 contacts for connecting the Linear Heat Detection Cable (2m length).

· Output Relay for Electrical Power Shut down of Selected Kitchen Appliances and Air Duct Fans as well as for Shut down of fuel (gas).

Most widely used Clean Agent replacement for Halon 1301 globally


HFC-227 is an extinguishing agent which is used to replace the Halon 1301 in various applications, with highly satisfactory results. It is odorless, colorless, electrically non-conductive and suitable for type A (Solid Fuels) and type B (Liquids Fuels) Fires.

It is an effective extinguishing agent which provides superior fire protection for sensitive electronic equipment such computer rooms, stations, telecommunications facilities, control rooms, etc.

The minimun concetration for class A fires is 5.8% while the volume concentration applied is 7.5 % (very low concentration compared with other substitutes of Halon 1301).

HFC-227 system requires minimal storage space, compared with other similar alternatives like CO2 and IG (up to 7 times less). Regarding the installation, the extinguishing agent is pressurized with Nitrogen at 24bar and stored in Steel Cylinders with certified. Its low storage pressure (34bar at 50ºC) allows the use of valves conventional pipe and accessories, reducing installation costs.

The expansion of the extinguishing material is safe and quiet. Other gases at high operating pressure, require pipes with higher standards. Furthermore expansion of these materials are more noisy and could even shift objects near the nozzles.

HFC-227 is an extinguishing agent in compliance of the requirements of ISO 14520, UNE 23572 and NFPA 2001.


– Replacing Halon

– Fast Extinguishing

– High Effective, low concentration of extinguishing material ( 7.5 % )

– Low Storage Pressure (24 bar) and silent discharge

– Requires Minimal Storage Space

– Leaves no Residue after application

– Electric non – conductive

– Zero Ozone Depleting Potential

– ISO 14520, UNE 23572, NFPA 2001 and EPA SNAP listed


– Control Rooms

– Computer Rooms

– Archives, Libraries

– Schools, Telecommunications

– Workshops, Petrochemical Facilities, Museums, Art Exhibitions, etc.

Product information

Approved System VDS / UL / FM

MOBIAK introduces IG-541 Fire Suppression System, certified according to VDS, UL and FM.


– Allows long pipes run

– Post – discharge visibility is clear, facilitating evacuation

– Inert and non -toxic gas, which makes it suitable for occupied areas

– 100 % environmentally friendly extinguishing agent

– Easy and cheap refilling

– At concentrations between 40 % and 50 % , Effectively inerts mixtures of propane and methane in air

– Worldwide Approvals : ISO 12520, UNE 23575, NFPA 2001, CEA 4008



Particularly suitable for applications requiring electrical non –

conductive atmosphere and a clean gas that leaves no residue

after discharge. It is therefore suitable for:

– Computer Rooms, Control Rooms

– Telephone Switchboard Equipment, Call Centers

– Electronic and Electrical Applications

– False Floors and Ceilings

– Archives, Museums, Libraries, etc.


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