Electric Fence


Seculogix, a pioneer in its field, has become the benchmark for the security electric fencing industry. The Seculogix group distribute & install a full range of energizers and fencing hardware and has become a globally known and respected company.

Is it legal?

It is not illegal, there is absolutely no legislation preventing this type of installation in Mauritius which are widely used in South Africa and many other country around the world. We have been importing and installing electric fence since 2009 without any problem.

Safety measures - e.g. is there any risk of having electric shocks on the walls in case of rains etc?

Not at all, aluminium wires are supported by isolator and in case of an unlikely leakage system will raise the alarm and shut down.

Is there any standard to ensure efficiency of this system.

we are using the SABS “South African bureau of standard”, SANS 10222-3 calling for the installation of a warning sign every 10 meter and earth spike every 50 meter, and using exclusively all hardware made in \South Africa.

Do you have any qualification to install such system?

Seculogix is the exclusive distributor and installer of this product made in South Africa, our technician and sales have been trained by supplier and hold a certificate.

Are we (the house owners) exposed to any risks of electrocution in whatever scale and manner?

The high voltage is of a very small energy (4,6 Joules) about 0,00125 Watt and pulsed millisecond therefore the shock is not stronger that a shock due to electrostatic discharge, it is not lethal.

What precautions need be taken (over and above plants having to be cleared out etc - the problem being that I've already planted some trees along the walls which will surely overgrow at some point!)?

Will certainly need some regular maintenance by the gardener to trim three and ensure leaves do not touch the wire.

Can it be activated and deactivated easily by the house owner - say to clear up the fence?

Yes very easily with a special proximity tag or from a control key pad as a normal burglar alarm system.

How is the power consumption of the system? Is it going to have a significant impact on the bill?

Not more than a 5 watt light globe, can also be supplied with a solar panel.

What happen in case of a power failure?

By customary system is backed up by standard 7A/H battery to last at least 48hrs (the battery will automatically recharge once power is restored).

What if animals or birds touch or steps on the wires?

The bird will stay on the top wire (as you can see them on CEB high tension wire as long they do not touch the adjacent wire if they do they will never come back, as the cat I have seen caught by his tail while trying to pass under and run away once again non-lethal.

Is the shock strong enough to dissuade perpetrators and yet not dangerous/fatal?

What is valid for the cat (above) is valid for us other human non-lethal.

Can the wires be easily cut say with a pair of pliers etc? if so would that mean that l have to change the whole wiring or can it be reconnected by some kind of connector?

If wire cut alarm will be immediate be raised and yes can be easily repaired with some ferrules crimped on the wire.

Is an electric fence custom made?

Yes certainly as it has to be adapted to the configuration of your perimeter and the level of security required, making a compromise between aesthetic and security.

What type of material are you using ?

Support are pre drilled and hot dip galvanised can also be plastic coated black or white, wire are made of aluminium or stainless steel isolator are UV protected and all electronic PCB is tropicalized.

Why this choice?

Quality first our installation must last for years without any maintenance.

Why electric fence instead of burglar alarm or CCTV?

Burglar alarm are good but only warn you once your property is already broken into and/or your life in immediate danger, CCTV will only give you a recording of what happen, Electric fence not only is a deterrent, but act as an alarm system as well, therefore by far the best way to protect a perimeter and be informed of an intrusion before any unwanted person start entering your house.

What guarantee you have?

We have a one year warranty from supplier and we offer our client one full year guarantee on workmanship and parts.

Do you have an after sale service?

Seculogix is proud to inform our clientele that we have an un rivalled after sales service Dpt.fully equipped and trained to resolve all problem not only with electric fence but also gate motor, CCTV ,access control, burglar alarm, Fire alarm and Fire extinguishers.